Open Source is Human

There is a very interesting story from the LCA (Linux Conference Australia) 2013. An IT Wire reported had been asked to leave the conference due to "aggressive behaviour" as told by LCA Media and Diversity Officer. Now, I am not present in LCA 2013, but from the research I did into this subject, it seems that "bad publicity" is something that is avoided by Linux Community like a plague.

In his column, 'Closed minds of “Open Source” eject iTWire from Linux conference', the IT Wire co-founder defended his colleagues by presenting facts that perhaps is unknown to the Conference organizer regarding his colleagues state of health and simple requests that becomes such a huge problem for the organizer. From reading his column, it seems his colleagues does not deserve such harsh treatment.

However, upon reading his colleagues blog 'Irregular Expression'and his article in IT Wire, I get the impression that this person writes in a very "strong and negative" way. Not all of his articles are like that of course, however I get a lot of sarcasm in his words. And not just on Open Source topics, but also in almost everything he writes.

Therefore, on reading IT Wire co-founder column, I understand why the Conference Organizer is very cautious about his colleagues. I believe the threat that the Organizer refers to is not physical, but rather in terms of possible "bad publicity" for the event. However, I also found the fact that the Organizer treatment is rather "unfair" and "biased". Something that I must say is something that an organizer must never do. Regardless of a person reputation, he is a representative of the organization he worked for. As such, mistreatment on the person means mistreatment to the organization as a whole.

I hope things will work out between IT Wire and Linux Conference Australia.

The lessons I take from this particular event is that, Open Source is Human. It is in the sense that "bad publicity" is avoided while "good publicity" is desireable. Just like human nature. We like rewards and avoids punishment.

And just like life, not every day is a sunny day, we also get some cloudy and raining days. We must accept each day and live it until the next day arrives. Good and bad publicity come and goes. It is our reaction to the publicity that defines ourselves.

The Open Source Movement is made in good faith, let us build it together, also in good faith. For the good of the human lives.